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January 5, 2016

I am now working on chapter 8 of my new novel, 'Vanished'. 

As usual, I'm working on a chapter-to-chapter basis with my editor, Lee Ann. She had sent the first seven chapters two days ago :-)




Cynthia Fridsma - Writer


Hello world, welcome to my website. My name is Cynthia Fridsma, and I'm a writer, although I do more in life than just writing. 

I'm kinda like a nerd, good with computers—I used to be a freelance programmer. But after a handicap in 2014—I have a tremor in my right hand, numbness in the fingers, and pain in my wrist. I had to give up my other creative outlets, such as photography, computer programming, and gave up on juggling, so I focused on what I could do rather than what I couldn’t do. That's when I decided to write my own stories. My debut novel, Hotel of Death, was published in 2015.

Since then I have written various books in various genres: horror, thriller, and science fiction.

Cynthia Fridsma


Stop the war in Ukraine 

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Rose Gibbon’s husband has been missing for two years. Devastated, she sells her home. The next day, local authorities investigate an abandoned car at the intersection of Westland Avenue and Hemenway Street in Boston. All the blood recedes from her face; she knows it’s her husband’s car!

Meanwhile, Medical Examiner Natalie Principal arrives at the crime scene to inspect a charred body behind the wheel. The victim falls apart when she touches it. Since the car doesn’t show traces of fire, Natalie’s afraid the victim was exposed to a deadly dose of radiation. She informs the ATU—Anti Terrorism Unit—about a possible terrorist threat of a dirty bomb. As the investigation continues, digital footprints are erased, and people vanish into thin air . . . a deadly race to save Natalie’s friends is about to begin

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Writing progress 

  • Hotel Of Death, horror -- done & published in 2015
  • The Black Widow, horror -- done & published in 2016
  • Ghost Stories, horror -- done & published in 2016
  • Help, horror  -- done & published in 2017         

  • The Lost Planet, science fiction -- done & published in 2017

  • Nightbird, horror  -- done & published in 2018
  • Vanished, thriller -- done & published in 2019
  • Trauma: I hope he rots in hell -- done & published in 2020
  • Pandemic: Chaos is Bleeding -- done & published in 2021

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Pandemic by Cynthia Fridsma


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