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January 5, 2016

I am now working on chapter 8 of my new novel, 'Vanished'. 

As usual, I'm working on a chapter-to-chapter basis with my editor, Lee Ann. She had sent the first seven chapters two days ago :-)




My first Windows 10 app

My first app in the Windows store
This is the opening screen of my app.

Click here to download the app in the Microsoft Windows store

I am pleased to announce that the app I created for Windows 10, has been approved for the Windows store and will be available to Windows 10 users (desktop computers, laptops, tablets and Windows 10 cell phones) within a couple of days.

What's the app all about? Well, it's an integration with my website, Facebook page and with a few animated series I created in the past: Avon (a Sci-Fi animation, based on the BBC classic Blake's 7), Hotel of Death (the animated series, yes my first book was based on the animation), and you can also watch the vampire Vlogs from Sybil.

Off course, I had to program an API (=application interface) in PHP to make it all work with the application. I programmed it yesterday, and after I successfully tested everything, I can say that I'm pleased with the results.

These are a few screenshots of my Windows 10 app.   

Book reviews and other topics

The Sci-Fi series: Avon


Click here to download the app in the Microsoft Windows store